Thursday, June 12, 2008

What do American Christian Fiction Writers members Julie Scudder Dearyan, Millie Samuelson, Beth Ann Ziarnik, Maureen Lang, Brandt Dodson, Rick Barry, Tammie Edington Shaw, Lynn Austin, and Cynthia Ruchti (oh, that's me!) have in common?

We share page space in a new book published by UpWrite Press, a divison of WinePress Publishing: Writing So Heaven Will Be Different. Our stories and 26 others from people like Dr. Dennis Hensley, Jane Rubietta, and Joyce Ellis were included in this book celebrating 35 years of the Write-to-Publish conference.

The book was released the first week of June at the conference near Chicago. Although the stories address the influence of this conference on our writing careers and our lives, it goes deeper than that--celebrating the power of words to impact others for Christ.

Excerpted from the book:

“Quality writing requires practice, self-discipline, and a craftsman’s eye for detail. Wordsmiths forge their works in the furnace of perseverance. Nevertheless, the time and mental energy excellent writing demands in no way lessens the pleasure of nurturing a notion into pages buffed to a glossy finish. To the contrary, the challenges only intensify the joy.”

–Rick Barry
(That's me...second from the left, praying with a smile on my face.)

Many current ACFW members first heard about the organization through the Write-to-Publish conference. Those of us in attendance this year were walking advertisements for ACFW. I have a feeling the board is going to be very busy processing all the new members' information this week as "lost" fiction writers find their way home to this organization.

My friends Mary Pierce and Michelle Rayburn have pieces in the book.
Fiction authors Rene Gutteridge and Lynn Austin served as instructors at the conference, as well as Julie Dearyan (and others over which I'm currently brain-drained?). Oh, they did us proud!

Can you believe there are still Christian fiction writers in this world who don't know about ACFW? Fewer this week than last week.

Please celebrate with the ACFW authors who were included in this book and pray that the Lord will use it in unique ways to draw others to the Lord and empower the writing of other Christian pen-wielders. (Note: Pen-wielders brandish their pens across paper. Pen-welders just make a soldered, gloppy mess).

You can learn more about the book at or by contacting one of the contributing authors…like me (