Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Brush of Angels' Wings

I marked my calendar this morning--The Perfect Day. Blue skies and sunshine. Soft breeze. Lush green everywhere. Profusion of color in the flower beds.

As I sat on the deck with my Bible and a too rare quiet heart, a bird flew close enough for me to feel the vibration of his hyperactive wings.

And then I noticed it. As the bird's wings beat the air, they stirred the scent of the flowers. Mmm. Heavenly fragrance. A little puff of wonderful rode the aviary wake.

The bird probably didn't smell very good himself. I've never sniffed a bird's armpits but I'm pretty sure they're as rank as anyone else's. But he stirred the air and created a path for the flowers' fragrance to follow.

That's my job. I don't smell enough like Christ yet. But I can beat my wings and stir up His fragrance to bless others within sniffing distance.


Eileen said...

And how your fragrant words bless me!

CandaceCalvert said...

Wonderful post, Cynthia. I too did my Bible study garden-side this morning (in South Texas "Hill Country"). I'm smiling about your images and spirit . . . and chuckling aloud at the thought of "sniffing a bird's armpits." ;-)

Thank you for sharing your garden blessings.