Monday, November 12, 2007

The Reason God Invented Photography

I must admit that I struggle to love Wisconsin in November. The woods are cold and bare, brown and gray. Skeletal fingers of tree limbs scrape across a soul that craves beauty and color. And when I say color, I don't mean a highly unnatural blaze orange on the deer hunters pock-marking the woods.

That's why God invented photography. For days like this for people like me. I can drown myself in photos like this one taken at Butchart Gardens (Victoria, British Columbia) in early September.

Can you imagine what the air smelled like in that place? Around the corner from this scene was the Rose Garden. Mmmm mmm. I smile just thinking about it.

Is this the scene outside my window right now? No. The wind is rattling the skeleton's bones. But I have a pocket of color and sweet fragrance to enjoy because God inspired someone to consider capturing scenes on plates, film, digital something or other.

I wonder if that isn't also why He gave us His Word. Because sometimes the scene in our lives is colorless and dead-looking. We don't see evidence of hope. So we turn to His Word where it flourishes and we can reclaim the reminder that hope is possible. His Word is an album of His faithfulness.

Time to crack it open.


Terri GIllespie said...

I LOVED Buchart gardens. And Cynthia, you'll have to visit our gardens here in Philly. They are a close second to Canada's.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cindy, what a beautiful and welcoming post! Thanks for taking me away from the dreary for a moment. And His word...yes, yes yes... ALWAYS beautiful and welcoming as well. Bless you, dear heart!
Mary Pierce