Saturday, November 17, 2007

Reading the Signs

Truisms of grandparenting:

Play Doh does come out of the carpeting, but it has to dry first.

Chocolate milk? A little harder.

The length of the nap is directly disproportionate to how much the child needs it.

The length of Grammie's nap is interrupted by a bright face breathing chocolate milk residue while yelling "Surprise! I'm awake!"

Don't let anyone tell you a baby has no memory skills. Even a one-year-old can remember where Grammie hides the M&Ms.

A day without diapers is a day without...actually, it's a pretty nice day.

This week I had three in diapers in my care. The two older ones are nearing the age when they'll have to trade their diapers for Pull-Ups, then--wonder of wonders--big girl or big boy underwear.

How do I know? I lined them up for diaper changes that, bing, bing. When I motioned to granddaughter Hannah that it was her turn, she took a step back and said without malice, "You leave my diaper alone."

I'm thinking that's a sign she may have enough cognitive skills to handle potty training.

When I found Ben hiding behind the recliner (I found him by smell-o-vision), he looked up at me and said, as if I didn't know, "I'm all done pooping now."

If only.


Heather@Mommymonk said...

Just be glad YOU don't have to do the potty training! :) Play dough and chocolate milk in the carpet is nothing!

Dawn said...

I'm not a grandmother yet, but I'm looking forward to the day. You just reminded me there's a piece of reality that comes with having little cherubs running around. LOL

By the way...your new photo is gorgeous! Love it! :)