Thursday, November 08, 2007

Mysterious Ways

Mysterious ways? Sometimes the methods the Lord uses to communicate with us are downright comical.

We were out of antibacterial hand soap, which in a countrified and grandchildren-rich household like ours is a must. Good news! Bath and BodyWorks had a sale on the foaming kind. Ridiculously low price. Low enough to raise my heartrate. I loaded up with my favorite fragrances and included some intentionally gender-neutral—Warm Vanilla Sugar, for one. Our pantry shelves are now ready for the next Y2K which will technically be Y3K, but who’s counting?

So what does my husband do yesterday? He purchases a mega-sized bottle of antibacterial hand soap. The boring orange-gold kind. What’s up with that? He explained to me that the “good” soap scares off the deer when he’s hunting. Who knew deer don’t like sugar cookies? So my husband is choosing to smell like harmless cardboard rather than something delicious these days. For the sake of the hunt.

Where’s the Lord connection, you ask? I’m inches away from writing a non-fiction book called “Loving Him Just As He Is and Loving Me Just As I Am.” I’ll need a caravan of anecdotes for the proposal. I think I just found one.


Eileen said...

Too funny! Guess I need to check B&B ads and see if we have a sale, too. But I confess, I have the orange kind on my counter. Do I have to shoot at deer now?

Heather@Mommymonk said...

It's been too long since I've stopped by here. Do you have doe pee in your fridge? Cuz I think that's worse than plain old soap. Check with me later and I'll add to the misery. :)