Thursday, November 01, 2007

"Are You a Real Writer?" Quiz Key

If you took the quiz from yesterday's blog post, you're probably holding your breath for the answers. If not, thanks for stopping by anyway. And do take time to read some of the posts with some meat on their bones!

1. If you answered a, count yourself a committed writer. Consider having yourself committed. B, yeah, so? C or D, puleeze.

2. If you answered a, you may want to switch from fiction to ad copy. B, skip the salt. C, yeah, you’re probably a real writer. D, is there any doubt?

3. A, bless you. B, bless your church. C. Yup, a writer. D. Does a potluck work into your plot?

4. A, you remember Lawrence Welk? Wait a minute. I remember Lawrence Welk? B, this proves only that you are an avid reader and perhaps a frustrated writer. C or D, indeed a serious writer.

5. All of the above, fodder for novels.

6. A, aren’t you adorable? B, could be a scrapbooker. Who’s to tell? C, cannot possibly be a writer. D, writer at heart.

7. A, you’re either a very creative liar or extremely compassionate but broke. B, definitely a liar and not very creative at it. C, a creative pathological liar. D, a writer who manages to work the word research into every conversation. Now, that’s devotion.

8. If you answered a, you can’t possibly have time to write. B, you’re clean enough for company, but may only be a hobby writer. C, borderline. D. Yeah, baby! True writer material!

9. A through c, wise but not necessarily a writer. D, congratulations, you writer you.

10. This one’s too obvious to answer.

If you still wonder if you’re a writer, consider this. Which would you enjoy more—new shoes or to sell a killer article about the joy of new shoes? I rest my case.


Georgiana said...

AW, I can't believe I missed your fun quiz! And yes, I'd rather sell an article about killer new shoes than own a pair =)

Heather@Mommymonk said...

You caught me. I wasn't writing notes on the sermon; I was jotting down ideas.