Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Anyone who has sailed on a cruise ship has a faith-boost for the idea that Noah built an ark...a massive ark...and it floated.

When we uploaded our pictures from our recent trip to Alaska, my husband and I noted that if we didn't know any better, we'd look at this one and presume that the ship was taller and bigger than the mountain in the background.

But we understand perspective.

The mountain only looks shorter because of its distance from where we stand behind the viewfinder. Note the cruise ship in the middle of the picture, the one anchored at the base of the mountain. Although no smaller than the vessel in the foreground, it is dwarfed by the rugged peak.

We say we understand perspective. But do we? When our problems are in the foreground, do they loom larger than our problem-solving God? Is it time to move them to the base of the mountain so we can see them as they really are?