Thursday, October 18, 2007


With my two-year-old grandson at our feet, my son and I spent a few moments this morning praying over a difficult--okay, let's face it--overwhelming situation. When we adults knew it was time to draw the prayer to a close and press on into our days of work (for him) and childcare (for me), I looked down and said, "Say AMEN, Ben."

He said, "No." Typical two-year-old.

Or is he?

Bring the prayer to a close? Can we ever really do that? Is there ever a point when it's safe to "sign off"? Maybe the Scripture, "Pray without ceasing" can be translated, "Pray without pausing...and if you absolutely need to take a breath, do it quickly."

At first, I wanted to take Ben's face in my hands and teach him a little something. But I think he taught me.

DIVING BOARD MOMENT FOR PLUNGING DEEPER: Lord, if it's alright with You, let's just leave the line open all day. Okay?


Terri Gillespie said...

Yes, Lord, thanks for leaving the line open. It's our life-line.

Georgiana said...

Leaving the line open is an awesome idea! I love it when my toddlers pray. They can hook into God so easily--definitely can learn from them!