Saturday, October 27, 2007

The Differences Between Us

Isn't it a wonder? The God whose breath became a sea, whose stutter creates a mountain, whose sigh forms a person opens His arms to embrace me. And you.

I'm stuck on Alaska these days. The absolute vastness and magnificence taxes my reasoning power.

The worship pastor at our church sometimes partners with me to try to express our corporate worship in a new song. This is our recent collaboration.


w/m by Cindy Ruchti and Zach Burris 2007

God is speaking,

I am silent.

God is moving,

I am moved.

God is warring,

I am resting

In the power

Of His love.

God is brilliant,

I'm reflecting.

God is awesome,

I'm in awe.

God is pouring,

I’m receiving.

He is filling,

I am filled.

God is ruling,

I am bowing.

God is humbling,

I lay down.

God is more than

Minds can fathom.

He will fill us

Even now.

God is speaking,

I am...silent.


Anonymous said...

This is beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Marie Tschopp

Virginia Smith said...

That is beautiful. I wish I could hear the music!