Sunday, March 16, 2008

So Much In Common

Apparently, dramaqueenism is hereditary. My two granddaughters inherited it from me. On them, it's adorable. Hannah and Grace are the definition of delight.

A day off school afforded the opportunity for me to whisk away 7-year-old Grace for a Girl Day--one of our favorite things. We spent some time at the mall, stopping to express our mutual appreciation for all things bright and sparkly. We lingered over displays we'd normally have to hurry past. I marveled at Grace's perception as we entered a store and she stopped to tell me the place smelled like candles. She spent more time than I did at the clearance jewelry display.

Over lunch...and frozen custard...we shared surprisingly adult conversation. Older sister to two toddler brothers, Grace soaked up the eyeball-to-eyeball time every little girl needs.

As she stirred her plastic spoon through her custard, she said, "Grammie, we have so much in common."

I chuckled at her dramatic expression. "Like what?" As if I didn't know.

"We both like pink," she said.


"And chocolate."

She listed dozens of things we shared in common, including love for her brothers and her daddy...oh, and her grandpa.

Then she paused--dramatically--her eyes bright and eager. "Grammie, do you like to learn?"

She could have asked if I liked bike riding or roller coasters or computer games.

I thought of my infatuation with words and worship and wonder, with God's Word and the joy of discovery. "Oh Gracie, I LOVE to learn," I told her, my hands clasped to my chest.

"Me, too!" she said. "I love to learn." She mimicked the hands to the chest move.

If she'd been with us, little two-year-old Hannah would have fit right in with her long, complex sentences and her theatrical approach to life. She dances through life, a song accompanying even mundane tasks like brushing her teeth.

They love to learn.

They're not afraid to express themselves.

I'm loving growing up with them.


Katy McKenna said...

Don't grow up too fast, Cynthia!!! If you were all grown up, you wouldn't get to have these conversations.... :)

Katy McKenna

Eileen and Caron said...

Late reading blogs, but SO glad I checked in. What a wonderful memory! Print this out so darling girl will have it in a memory book! Love you.

Page McManus said...

You? Drama queen?