Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sparkle Power

When I stand in front of a mirror making that last check before leaving the house, I look for several things:

1. Do I have food on my blouse/jacket, my chin, or between my incisors and those other nameless teeth next to them?

2. Does this outfit make me look fatter? (Note the twist on the standard question).

3. Be honest. Is this enough sparkle? If not, add more jewelry or sequins.

Sparkle power. It distracts--let's hope--from my real issues. It adds a pinch of artificial energy when I'm feeling draggy. And it communicates in an outward way my inner desire to reflect the light of God's presence in my life.

This morning, I sat at the water's edge to have some alone time with the Lord. I'm toughing it out here in sunny Florida while avoiding the snow and ice back home.

I noticed something striking. Hot sun on warm water sparkles. And the bright flashes of light that dance on the water look for all the world like the flashes of a cold, distant sun on a fresh blanket of snow. Same diamond-like brilliance and fire.

God's creation sparkles no matter what the setting. Forty-below with the wind chill or eighty above with soft sea breezes. Still sparkling.

Can I do the same?


Eileen said...

Oh dear one, you always sparkle. From that winning smile and beautiful voice to amazing words which provoke deep thoughts. I truly hope you've soaked up great measures of SON shine and sunshine on this trip.

Heather@Mommymonk said...

Well, now, that's funny, I was thinking the same thing. There's plenty of sparklies here, why did you need to run off to FLORIDA to find sparkle? :) Whatever happened to the 10 reasons to love winter??? HMMM?

Mary Pierce said... sun...warm water...sparkles... thanks for taking me on a mini-vacation with this!