Sunday, December 16, 2007

But I Didn't Prepare a Speech!

For a person who creates a blog with the unlikely title, “Splashing in the Deep End,” an award like the one I received today is dripping with meaning. “Blogging With A Purpose Award” is an honor of high caliber, a humbling blessing.

Recipients of the award are asked to nominate five other blogs that fit the criteria.

Here are my nominations:

Blah Blah Blog by humorist and author Mary Pierce never fails to make me laugh and to poke a stick at any lingering complacency. Her latest book—“When Did My Life Become a Game of Twister?”—is in bookstores now.

Jennifer Schuchmann’s blog is fairly new to me, but a blessing already. She thinks like I think. Scary. And yet…profound!

Jim Watkins is an enigma, but he likes it that way. He’s deeply serious and deeply funny. And he seems to have no trouble balancing the two. His blog is sincerely “purposeful,” which is why it came to mind.

If you are facing a diagnosis that shakes the doctors, much less you and your family, check out the blog of author Kristy Dykes who is battling a malignant brain tumor. Her faith (and that of her husband who sometimes posts for her) shakes a fist at fear and deepens the faith of her readers.

Vicki Tiede is a motivational speaker whose blog Grace Lessons ( is an encouragement on many fronts. She’s excited about life and it shows in her writing. Check back in her archives for practical and warmhearted “grace lessons.”

I’m grateful to the Heart of Wisdom blog for affording me an opportunity to bless these bloggers for their efforts to use the gifts God gave them to impact their world for Christ.

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Take a look, too, at the inspiration behind the idea at


Anonymous said...

Cynthia~ You are so sweet! Thank you for the nomination.

I wanted to tell you about a letter that was read on KFSI in Rochester. It was from a woman who shared that her greatest blessing is Heartbeat of the Home. It was very touching. I will see if I can get a copy of it for your "blessings" file. ;)

May your day be filled with Holy Enthusiasm! Vicki

Heart of Wisdom said...

Thanks for the links. I look forward to visiting.

Anonymous said...

Oh Cynthia!! What a dear heart you have. Your generosity blesses me so! May God continue to bless you mightily and touch hearts through your work.
Love in Him who gives us life and breath...and words!
Mary Pierce