Monday, April 09, 2007


Gift wrapping has come a long way from its humble beginnings as burlap or butcher paper.

At a recent bridal shower for a friend of the family, we guests expressed our traditional appreciation over the gifts the bride received--toaster ovens and Pyrex casserole dishes, and cookbooks, and linens...

But we spent equal adoration time on some of the wrappings. One Mylar-like paper caught our attention because it readily "forgave" the tape used to hold it in place. Even after the bride ripped off all the tape, no sticky marks remained. No torn edges or holes. Amazing.

The packrats among us spewed instructions about how best to save that wrapping paper to use again.

As the bride opened another gift with similar wrapping, I noted that the gift giver could easily have chosen the flip side of the paper to show on the outside of the gift. It was equally beautiful, equally shiny.

I wish I'd known a long time ago that "shiny on both sides" was God's goal for me. Inside and outside, in my public life and my private life, he expects me to shine with His radiance, to reflect Him on the side of me people can see and the side they can't see until the hands of life's circumstances open me up.

I suppose a point could be made, too, for the benefits of a forgiving nature, so things don't stick, don't rip when they're pulled off, and allow me to be used again.


Anonymous said...

What a great comparison! It also made me think about ribbons and bows we often choose to stick on, hoping that it will either hide or draw more attention to our paper. Regardless of the intent of the embellishments, they are sometimes so distracting that we don’t (or choose not to) notice what is underneath. The difficulty is often in trying to remove these barriers without adding a blemish in their paper.

eileen said...

I personally find you shiny inside and out! With no sticky residue at all.