Monday, April 02, 2007

I Know That One

My granddaughter (6) spent the Sunday morning worship service on my lap instead of in her Children's Church service. A dozen excuses seemed to boil down to the fact that she just needed to be close to me for a while. Seemed a good enough reason for me.

We quietly drew pictures on the sermon notes sheet as the pastor presented his message, but were careful to listen for the moments when he had us fill in a blank in those notes.

Because she reads and writes quite well, I let Gracie fill in the blanks if the words were familiar to her.

As softly as a six-year-old can whisper, I heard her reading one of the Scripture verses Pastor included in our notes. Her sweet voice sounded out, "If any man is in Christ, he is a new creature. Old things are passed away and everything has become new."

She looked up at me with a blend of awe and joy on her face and said, "Grammie! I know that one!"

How many times do I skip over Scripture verses I think I "know"? I scan them on the page, because they're so familiar. Routinely familiar, in some ways.

Gracie helped me recapture the joy and awe of landing on each word and turning my face to the Lord to report, "Lord! I know that one!"


Sally Bradley said...

Very cool, Cynthia! Kids are so incredible at teaching us to relish the old and familiar -- in the world and in our spiritual walk.

eileen said...

OH what a blessed moment in time!! I crave to hear that from mine one day.