Friday, June 16, 2006


Baby pools serve a purpose. Ask any parent of preschoolers. Water only inches deep. Warm. Loaded with enough chlorine-like products to counteract leaky swim diapers.

For an adult, though, the real fun is in the big pool. Refreshing water, deep enough to float an aging body. Room to make genuine waves. A buoyant place. A weightless place. A sensation as close to flying as an earthbound mortal can know short of skydiving.

A springboard for cannonballs. A high dive for exhilaration.

That's where I want my faith to the deep end of the pool.

God Himself linked the concept. "The joy of the Lord is your strength" (Nehemiah 8:10). In splashing, I find buoyancy. In enjoying Him, I'm infused with energy to fight the undertow (In a pool, you ask? Be grateful I didn't use a riptide metaphor!).

This blog will explore the exhilaration of splashing in the deep end...and treading water long enough to be rescued.

Join me when you can.


Michael Ehret said...

If only I could be underwater for longer than 45 seconds! I love the sensation of pushing THROUGH the water, being held up by ... what?

I can't tell you the science of buoyancy, but I can tell you I love the way the water holds me, cradles me, and yet does not hinder my progress THROUGH it.

Feels rather like God, to me.

Julie Dearyan said...

agree with the thought of the water, know how that is....

Anonymous said...

b i a

Dear One:

This and all of the above messages are so good.
I love them.