Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Do Birds Eat Refried Beans?

He was right, of course...the wizened old man. "In this zone, missy, there's no sense planting cucumbers until the blackberries blossom."

Yup. He was a wisdomed old man.

Every year I'm in such a hurry to see something green to replace the colorlessness of winter (and do not try to tell a landlocked non-skier from the upper Midwest that white and gray are colors), that I rush to brush the final bastians of snow drifts off my garden plot and force seeds into half-thawed ground.

Is it any wonder I had to replant cucumbers again this year? The seed store must love me. "Hey, Charlie! Here she comes! This is rich. No, don't try to give her planting advice. She won't take it anyway. Just sell her the cuke seeds she wants...the burpless kind. And set another packet behind the counter for a month from now when she has to return for more. Double sale. Gotta love it."

I'm replanting beans this year, too. Different reason...I'm pretty sure.

Normally, I'm fighting bunnies rather than impatience for a crop of beans from my garden. Cute little varmints. Despite our family's penchant for wide open spaces, last year we became fence-putter-uppers. The vegetable garden plot looks like a South Georgia maximum security facility.

So the bunnies are more or less thwarted in their attempts to decimate my garden. Why am I replanting beans? Some years, the bird mamas in our neighborhood must swap recipes and send their male counterparts to my garden "store" for the ingredients for refried beans. That's the only reason I can think of. Or, I suppose, the ground wasn't yet warm enough for germination. Nah, couldn't be.

In what other arenas of life might I plant too early? Relationships? Proposals sent to prospective publishers?

Decent proposals. Nothing wrong with the seeds themselves. Maybe I should have waited for the ground to warm up.

Interesting observation: The cuke seeds I replant in that short stretch of days when the blackberries blossom seem to spring up overnight. They're sturdy, healthy, productive plants.

The beans I replant? Same thing. Overnight sensations.

You'd think I'd learn.

How does YOUR garden grow?


Maureen Lang said...

Oh, Cynthia - your words are refreshing as always! Those of us who live in the north are so eager to see that first bit of spring color - just as we're eager to get those proposals off, as you mentioned. Great comparison!
Btw, someone told me bunnies don't like red pepper - the dried, hot variety. I've tried all kinds of anti-bunny methods that didn't work: human hair, moth balls, a commercial spray that contains coyote urine (and smelled like it, too!). But this year the bunnies seem to be eating elsewhere - however if they return I may bring out the red pepper and see if that one works!

Julie Dearyan said...

Hey Cynthia!
Loved the analogy. Unfortunately, I know the truth of what you're saying more than I want to admit. so cute! thanks for posting.