Saturday, December 27, 2008

Pull Up a Chair

I'm getting reacquainted with my chair. Granted, it took a horrible, nasty, no-good, terrible, did I say nasty head and chest cold to make me buddy up to it again. We'd been incommunicado for a while.

This photo isn't my chair, but it evokes the feeling I get sitting in it in front of a fire in our fireplace. Warmth. Coziness. Comfort. 

I took to my chair a couple of days ago and got all my Christmas cards written. I thought I'd be kind to the postal system and not mail them until AFTER Christmas.

My chair was the setting for writing a radio script and the outlines for two speaking projects.

And I broke through a barrier in my latest novel.

I like this chair. Starve a cold; feed a fever. Hate the cold; love the chair it forces on you!


Eileen Key said...

I'm in my chair. Again. Checking blogs I haven't read in ages. Facebook. Anything to procrastinate. And I'm becoming quite adept, I might add.

Happy New Year!