Sunday, November 16, 2008

Thanksgiving My Way

How different would our Thanksgiving table look if I didn't have to worry about pleasing the tastes of my children, grandchildren, and husband?

Besides the non-negotiables like elegantly bronzed roast turkey and fluffy mashed potatoes and a lovely assortment of pie (mostly pecan), I'd definitely serve oyster chestnut stuffing. And braised brussel sprouts. Creamed spinach. Pickled beets. Date nut bread. Butternut squash. Hot crab dip. Sweet potatoes. Lobster bisque. Scalloped corn (they like corn, just not the scalloped part). Antipasto (sounds like Thanksgiving food, doesn't it?).

What would your table hold if you didn't have to worry about pleasing any other person's palate? Seriously. I'd like to know.

How sad would my table look if it wasn't surrounded by a bunch of noisy, boisterous, darling, demanding, picky eaters????

If it were up to the grandkids, we'd eat chicken nuggets and fun fruits on Thanksgiving Day.

I wonder if I could sneak an oyster/cauliflower/asparagus/pickled beet/turkey pizza past them.

Food fetishes aside, I'll embrace those darlings and thank God for letting me watch them grow.