Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Ten Tips for Surviving Economic Downturns

1. Make meals out of the things already in your pantry or freezer. Let’s see, hamburger, frozen peaches, and marshmallow fluff. Yum.
2. Stop dusting. It will extend the life of your dust rags and your furniture.
3. Stop vacuuming. See point 2.
4. Use natural elements in place of expensive decorations for holidays. Pine boughs, leaves, pieces of blown semi tires from the side of the road.
5. Invite menopausal women to share your home. It’ll cut down on your heating bill in winter.
6. Rather than buy new books, pull your old college textbooks out of the attic. What fun! And they’re already paid for…most of them.
7. Downsize. Wear only one mitten or glove at a time. Switch. Twice as much life!
8. Train your dog to pull a rotary lawn mower.
9. Give new life to old kitchen cabinets. Elmer’s Glue and Popsicle sticks. Need I say more?
10. Tip from a friend. You can still entertain. Take your guests to Sam’s Club and load them up on food samples.


Jen @ JenuineJen said...

I just tweeted this. I love it. I think I'll quit dusting and vacuuming. I think my family will understand I'm just being frugal.

Mary Pierce said...

I'm heading to Sam's for lunch... thanks for the tips!

Dixie said...

LOL! Love tip#1.
I just had to get up and check my freezer. Let's see...
We have one stuffed pepper, one chicken pot pie, and half a frozen lava cake from 6 months ago. Yep! We're eatin' good tonight.