Monday, August 18, 2008

One Small Letter

One small letter. What a difference! One little s.

Here, all along, I didn't realize the Lord promised to lead me through the wildernesses--the deserts--of life. I thought He meant to lead me through all the desserts!

I've been doing my best.

Small things. One little letter. Big difference.

Here's the next offering from the Challendar Calendar:

"Do you really have time to wander around in the desert of disobedience and confusion for forty years or more, rather than simply choosing to do things God's way the FIRST TIME? Disobedience and disappointment are flip sides of the same coin. As are obedience and peace."

Joshua 5:6, NIV--"The Israelites had wandered about in the desert forty years...because they had not obeyed the Lord."

(And if you're in the mood for a lighthearted look at the issue of desserts and their consequences, check out my column in ACFW's Afictionado ezine this month: )

Blessings as you journey on.