Monday, May 05, 2008

Boxes and Bubbles

Have you shopped for a birthday present for a child lately? Horrifying, isn't it? Finding something suitable (not bratty, destructive, materialistic, mind-numbing, or downright evil) and affordable (fat chance) is an epic quest these days.

With family finances crippled by current economic trends, people are no doubt going to be forced to return to cheap entertainment, inexpensive fun.

Do we even know how to use our imaginations anymore to entertain ourselves?

My grandkids do. After a long, tedious, relentless winter, a mild day drew them outside to "cheap" fun--Mud (a given), a big empty box (which became a time machine on which our granddaughter drew buttons so the kids could travel to the "80s, prehisstorick, the futchure, and the past"), and a $1.99 bubble wand. They skipped like newborn calves in the cool spring air and laughed until they fell over themselves.

Who needs a $50 video game when you have bubbles?

And what does that tell me, the adult? I'm missing my annual trip to Door County this spring. It's such a soul-refreshing time for me. But it's not working out this year. Maybe if I spent more imagination than money, I could find some Door-County-like bubbles to chase.


Heather@Mommymonk said...

Cindy - this looks like so much fun! The fresh air has been invigorating around here too. A set of wheels (that's TWO wheels ONLY), a jumprope, some chalk, and dandelions for the picking...It's so easy to find entertainment in the back yard!

Eileen said...

I've surely enjoyed introducing "old" play to my grandkids. We're all about bubbles, chalk, hopscotch and tossing a ball. Good topic! Happy Mother's day a bit late.