Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Six Sure-fire Signs of Aging

Not that there's anything wrong with aging, and not that it's hard to tell when it happens, but I thought my act of kindness to the world today would be to make it perfectly clear.

You know you're aging when...

1. Your kids are sprouting gray hairs.
2. Your should-have-moved-out-of-the-house-already son text-messages you from work to tell you to drive carefully. It's foggy/slippery/after dark.
3. You draw an uncommon sense of pride from making it all the way until 9 p.m. before heading to bed.
4. You consider the "late" news the six o'clock version.
5. You choose a restaurant not for its cuisine but for its senior discount.
6. A friend comments on your textured pantyhose and you aren't wearing any.


Peg Brantley said...

Girlfriend, I'm working on an article called "Blonde on Steroids" which helps the rest of the world understand that while blondes might be ditzy, those of us with more than the usual highlights of gray can be downright dangerous.

And if you asked me? I would swear I was 40.

I love you!

Mary Pierce said...

And I would add...your daughter grabs your arm as you step off the curb saying, "Wouldn't want you to break a hip, Mom!"

I was 43.

Eileen said...

Omy. Not THIS subject! I turned sixty this past birthday. I still can't wrap my brain around that fact. I squint into the mirror trying to recognize me. sigh... But I also slog to the mailbox in a housedress, no makeup and slippers. Who cares? My vanity is gone.

Katy McKenna said...

Yesterday, when my hubby and I stopped at the mailbox, there was an Amazon box waiting. Neither of us remembered ordering anything! I opened the box, and sure enough, an Irish history book I'd chosen (not more than five days ago...)

So, another great thing about old age? Everything's a surprise!!!

Katy McKenna www.fallible.com

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Cindy!