Monday, December 04, 2006

Nothing In My Ears

Rare times, I’ve exited a doctor’s office with a Sally Field’s-like awe. “You listened to me! You really listened to me!”

Today was not one of those days. I served as substitute parental figure for my granddaughter’s doctor appointment to address a troublesome medical issue that had been too long part of the scenery of life. Six-year-old Grace sailed through the x-rays and walked out with an excess of stickers and the praise of the radiology tech.

Then we skipped from the x-ray department to the pediatric department.

The pediatrician asked several questions, but by his responses, I could tell he wasn’t listening to my recitation of the symptoms and our concerns any better than the average husband listens to his wife’s decorating plans during the SuperBowl.

Grace must have sensed the same. During the doctor’s exam of her ears, nose, and throat, he said, “She’s got brown eyes.”

With a shade of sarcasm she may have inherited from me, she responded, “Yes, but I had those way before all this started.”

I guess that’s what medical centers are for. She had me in stitches.


eileen said...

ROTFL...she has your sense of humor!! Drs make me crazy sometimes!!

This Nana is stil on duty. Tough job, huh?