Thursday, October 05, 2006

How NOT to Score Points With Your Sweetheart

How NOT to score points with your sweetheart:

o Justify giving her new windshield wipers for her birthday as an expression of your concern for her safety.

o Give your wife a lovely recipe box for Christmas…full of your mother’s recipes.

o When your wife hints that she loves flowers, bring her two kinds—all-purpose and whole wheat.

o Empty the heart-shaped box of chocolates and replace with a paperback copy of Dr. Phil’s
weight loss guide.

o Hint that your surprise anniversary trip will involve warm waves and soft music, then turn on your car stereo while you take her with you to the car wash.

My husband and I spent a few vacation days together in San Antonio before he flew home and I flew to Dallas for the ACFW fiction conference (

How to score points with your sweetheart: Use the time on your flight home to talk with your seatmate about your wife’s projects.

When my husband reported how he’d “bent the ear” of the grandmother-type woman next to him on the plane, chatting non-stop about his respect for where and into what the Lord is leading me, I responded to his lovegift, “Oh, honey! It’s just what I wanted! How did you know?”


Kristy Dykes said...

It's great to have a supportive husband! I'm glad you have one too, Cynthia. Thanks for the chuckle. Two kinds of flower! Haha.

eileen said...

What a blessing!! Give him a Texas sized hug!