Monday, August 21, 2006

Bless the Beasts, the Children, and the Women Like Abigail

I have this friend (no, really I do!) who is struggling in her relationship with her husband. He’s not an ax-murderer or an adulterer, so she can’t just walk away. Nor would she want to. He’s a good man, but they’re not seeing eye-to-eye right now on a few dozen issues.

My mind flipped through the pages of Scripture and stopped to rest on passage after passage that revealed incidences of women who wrestled with less-than-ideal situations with the men in their lives.

That formed the basis of this prayer on her behalf. I’m posting it here because I’m pretty sure she’s not alone.

Great God of women with issues (of blood or otherwise)

of women with jerks for husbands (like Abigail with Nabal)

of women who are strong but misunderstood (like Deborah)

of women who don’t like the choices their husbands make (like Sarai)

of women whose husbands fail to take seriously their role as spiritual leader in the home (like Eve and Adam)

of women who through the Adamic curse get their insides ripped out in childbirth while the men are “burdened” with oh-so-traumatic sweat and weeds, poor things

of women who are mentioned as followers of Christ and contributors to His work…but their husbands are not (like so many New Testament women)

of women who “go to the tomb” because they care so deeply and have to do something with their sadness

of women who “happen” to be in the Garden to witness angel-speak because they care so deeply

of women who put the pieces together when they hear that Jesus is alive, even though the men closest to them—who ought to know better—don’t get it

of women who wait for their husbands to return from war, to show up after work, to show up emotionally, and to “get it”…

Great God of women who from the beginning of time have found their strength—and their reward—in You, please place Your Hand of enduring blessing on the heads of the women who endure. Grant them a double-dose of heart-peace for every bucket of patience they pour over their homes and relationships. Refill their reservoirs of grace, reservoirs so easily drained by life and people. May they find in You an inexhaustible measure of what their hearts most need—to be understood, appreciated, cherished, protected, encouraged, wanted, treasured, approved, believed, honored, embraced, covered, and well-loved.

Tomorrow—a prayer for the men who live with women like us.


Pammer said...

Wonderful Cynthia. You always know how to encourage me. Thank you.

Kristy Dykes said...

Oh, man, you're a good writer, Cynthia!

Your post blessed me today. Thanks.

Chaos-Jamie said...

I think I will have to print this one out and post it on my wall. Fantastic!

Margo Carmichael said...

The story of David and Abigail always amazes me.

And the Jews have a proverb, "Never make your wife cry. God counts her every tear."

It's based on scripture and the tradition of a mourner collecting tears in a leather bottle. King David said God puts our tears in a bottle.

That's our tender-hearted God.